Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's Day Jeff!

We all had a good day here yesterday to celebrate the hero of our house, my handsome hubby Jeff. The boys and I went out to breakfast with my parents, and we left Jeff at home to sleep in, one of his favorite activities. (Although there was that horrendous thunderstorm at about 8-what is WITH the weather this year-but since Jeff is a talented sleeper he fell right back to dreamland). We bestowed our gift upon him when we returned which was a little gizmo that you can plug your iPod into and it will play through you car stereo. Jeff was in love, so we hit the mark on that one.

After naptime we piled all the kids into our backyard pool and splashed around for awhile before heading to my parents for a turkey dinner. YUM!

Jeff and I even found some alone time after the kids went to bed, and we snuck in an episode of Dallas.

So, here's to the guy that rescues his wife from spiders, works hard to ensure we have enough money to retire, wipes snot and changes poop, wrestles on the floor with our troop of boys, and generally melts my heart with love about 20 times a day. We love you and are so blessed you are the daddy at our house!

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