Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My Latest Annoyances...

1. Waking up early on Sunday morning to a sound that was such a roar I thought our house was going to blow away. My sister lives in the first neighborhood the tornado hit, and their brand new fence is gone. At least everyone is safe! Charlie and Sam were awfully confused as to why we were heading to the playroom in the middle of the night, especially in the pitch black (no power at our house that night!) As it was thundering earlier in the evening, Charlie had been a little nervous. I think it was the first time he really noticed thunder, so Jeff and I made a game out of it. Every time it thundered we laughed like hyenas and said "Thunder is SOOOO funny!" As we were huddled in the dark basement later on, with the thunder roaring every few seconds, Charlie was shaking like a leaf and repeating to himself over and over under his breath "Thunder is funny. Thunder is funny."

2. My 2 1/2 year old lied to me for the first time this morning. I told him if he ate all of his breakfast he could watch a Thomas the Train video (Charlie is not the biggest eater and breakfast is a HUGE struggle). So, he broke his bagel into pieces, stuffed them into the pocket of his bib, and announced "All done! Char Char ate his bagel!" This is not a good sign.

3. I love the show the Bachelorette. There was a SMALL thunderstorm last night, not even severe, but Bill Randby kept butting in to do weather coverage every 5 seconds. He cut out most of the rose ceremony! ARGH! I know Omaha might be a little jumpy right now, but if they make a huge production out of every clap of thunder, people are going to stop taking the real warnings seriously.

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