Thursday, June 05, 2008

Sammy: A Future Picasso?

Sammy made his first debut with a pencil today, gracing us with a beautiful interpretation of whatever the mind of an 18 month old thinks about. Perhaps the angst and anguish he feels after being bit by his brother Charlie enough times to make him look like an ear of corn.

Too bad the said drawing was on the wall. With the pencil I told Evan to put away AT LEAST 17 TIMES YESTERDAY!

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Christi said...

Oh Sammy and Joel are going to be such great buds ... I found him drawing on the linen closet doors with one of my scrapbooking markers the other day. The thing that really gets me is that the markers are in the office. So he walked from the office to the closet without writing on anything else ... I immediately told him that he was too young to be pulling this kind of stuff. It only it was that simple, huh? ;)

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