Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Can I Start this Day Over?

Do you ever have days where so many things go wrong you think you just shouldn't have gotten out of bed? That was my day yesterday...too bad it was the day when I had 5 kids at my house! I have so much respect for my friend Christi who has a home daycare. I wanted to pull my hair out after just one day!!!

Charlie and Sammy love their cousins, and love having them over to play, but it was almost like overstimulation to have them over for that long. By 5:00 everyone was arguing and whining and complaining.

I was brave and took everyone to McDonalds by myself. It went great until Colin decided he had to go poop near the end, and poor Evan had to take him to the bathroom, and had to go above and beyond cousinly duty with some help in the wiping department.

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