Sunday, January 15, 2006

Magical Baby Shower

I have just had THE BEST baby shower! My friend Christi threw it for me yesterday, it was just amazing. The invitations were perfect and had little monkeys on them to match the nursery. The games she had were not your typical shower games and everyone told me how much fun they had. One of the things I loved best was that she had matted the shower invitation and these cute little bookmarks she made as favors, and then had all the guests sign the picture matting so I can frame it and put it up in Charlie's room. Christi is extremely creative and all of the little details were just amazing, and all coordinated. I told her it was the nicest shower I have ever been to, and I can't believe it was for me!

I had the best time putting all of the stuff away in Charlie's room, and showing it to Jeff and Evan. Evan was thrilled because we got several bibs that say "I love my big brother". He keeps saying how excited he is that everyone knows Charlie loves him already. It was the perfect thing to boost Evan's spirits a bit. He has been a little clingy this weekend, and I think reality is starting to hit for him. Jeff on the other hand, is amazed at how much stuff you need for babies. He keeps asking me what is this? What do you do with this? It's neat to look at things through his eyes.

Today we are off to Colin's 1st birthday party. Sarah didn't want anyone to bring gifts because his birthday is so close to Christmas, but I said the heck with that! Every kid needs something to tear into on their 1st birthday, especially since he just got the hang of presents over Christmas. So instead of a toy, I got him lots of board books (including one about using the potty that makes realistic flushing noises) and some clothes (including a VERY cute Levi's jeans jacket). So, I guess I kind of followed directions. Hopefully Sarah is not too mad at me, but isn't that what Aunts and Godmothers are for? SPOILING!!! I love this kid tons, and I can't resist him. Hopefully the six teeth he is working on getting in (some molars in there as well) won't prevent him from putting his whole face in the cake.

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