Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Doctor Appointment

I went in for my weekly appointment this morning, and I know that Adam thinks this is possible TMI (so just stop reading now Adam) but I am now dilated 3 cm, almost 3 1/2!!! I am really excited about this because it took me forever to get to this point with Evan, and that was during actual labor. I have also lost 3 pounds in the last week (I don't know how because I have eaten a LOT during the holidays) but for some reason this seems to be a major indicator of upcoming labor with the doctor. She made sure we went over some questions the hospital will want written down in my chart when we check in like what type of pain management I would like. She did make me a little nervous because she said that once things get going I need to be very aware to get to the hospital with no dwadling. The doctors who administer the epidurals at Lakeside like to do so at 5-6 cm dilation, but not after you reach 7 cm. She said that could go very quickly for me since I am already almost at a 4, so if I get to the hospital too late, NO EPIDURAL FOR ME! And yes, I most DEFINITELY WANT THE EPIDURAL. Call me a wimp if you want to, but gosh that is a nice invention. So, I guess now we just wait. All of us here have our bags packed, and we are ready to rumble.


Adam said...

So, are we on your list of people to call right away when Charlie is born? If not, please add Christi and I. Thanks!

Christi said...

WOW! That's AWESOME!!!!!!!

Forget about calling us after Charlie is born! I wanna be in on the labor action! ;)

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