Saturday, January 03, 2009

Meet Log Cabin

This is the first quilt block I have sewn in three years. I am so proud of myself for taking time out of the day to cut some strips, set up my new sewing machine, and whip up a block. It's an easy pattern, and just a quick wall hanging, but it is a major step for me.

So far, my new machine and I are getting along well. He is a huge step up from my 1962 Singer, affectionately named Old Bessie, that I was using before. Although older than I am, she was a great machine, and helped me make 6 quilts. Not sure how I feel about the self threading needle feature yet on my new one, but other than that, we are off to a great start.

Looking forward to making 15 more blocks, and then having something to hand quilt again. I am feeling more like myself today!

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