Saturday, January 24, 2009

Ending the Week on a High Note

Last night we celebrated Evan receiving two stickers in the reward system at eye therapy. We had a family movie night and we all snuggled up on the couch and watched Wall-E. It was the first time I saw the movie, and as an adult, I thought it was great, but it really didn't hold the attention of the toddlers. The story line was a bit above their heads, which was a disappointment for Disney/Pixar, but still a god movie, and a great family time.

We had great news at eye therapy this week, where the doctor checked in on his progress now that we are at the four week mark. She is really pleased with how well he is doing, and says he is above average in his progress. Today, during home therapy, he was able to cross his eyes for the first time ever. It took a Herculean effort, but I am SOOO excited to see progress already!!!

We got our van back from the "car hospital" (as Charlie calls it) on Friday afternoon, and BOY does it feel good to have things back to normal. The great thing was that it wasn't the fuel pump, only a disconnected air pump, which only cost $100. Awesome.

And to top it off, my husband suggested AND offered to help with an organizing/cleaning project today. We took every scrap of paper out of our filing cabinets, all the flotsom and jetsom that have built up over our marriage. We scrapped and shredded 4 bags of trash, and reorganized all of our financial records. I love, love, LOVE organizing things. And to have Jeff help? Even better.


PinksandBluesGirls said...

Family movie night, unexpectedly low automotive repair AND organizing... sounds perfect! One of my goals for 2009 is to organize each closet, each drawer and my cellar. I love... no, NEED to be organized. It makes me hop out of bed in the morning to know everything is where it should be and everything is essential! My cellar is the biggest project. It is big. It is full of stuff from a move 4 years ago... stuff that I was sure I needed, and now I'm quite sure I need oh about 1/4 of it!

Also... I happened to read your comment on Audrey's blog about the long tanks. Audrey has me hooked on Old Navy tanks. They are long, cute, they wash very well, come in multiple colors and even designs AND they are inexpensive. I got a bunch of them last spring on sale for $5.00 each. One of the best deals ever!

Sharon - Mom Generations

Christy M. said...

Wow! Organzing is high on my list of priorities right now! I feel so out of sorts because all of my drawers and cabinets and closets are just messy.

So glad the eye therapy's really paying off, too. I know that's a huge reward for you as well!!

And WOOOHOOO on the car repair being much less than you expected. That rarely happens with car repairs!! Bask in it, girl!

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