Sunday, January 04, 2009

Eye Therapy

Evan went for his first therapy session last Wednesday, and we have now finished day four of home therapy. I was really glad I got to take him the for the first time. I met his therapist, saw the therapy room, and got to sit in on his time with her, so I could learn and observe. My mom and Jeff will be taking turns taking him to the weekly sessions until school is out for the summer.

I am so proud of Evan. He hasn't grouched once about doing the exercises, even though I can tell they are really hard for him. In fact, he has been asking excitedly when we get to do therapy each day! I am sure the newness will probably wear off soon, but for now his happy attitude has really helped us get through the first week.

The first day it took us an hour to complete the home therapy session, mostly because I was still getting used to guiding him through his exercises. Things have gotten a lot better, thanks to Evan being really patient with me.

I am a little nervous to see how this will fit into our schedule once we go back to work/school tomorrow, but I know it will be worth it. I am really praying this helps to make school and reading easier for my Evo.

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