Friday, January 30, 2009

And the germs just keep coming...

But, there was a bright spot in the day. Well, maybe a couple.

We only had a half day at school today, so Jeff was able to stay home with the kids in the morning, and I came home in the afternoon. No sick days used=awesome.

My new camcorder came in the mail today! I have been annoying the children by sneaking around them and recording their every move. I love having something that is easily uploadable to the computer. I love iMovie. I feel like Kevin Costner directing my own Oscar worthy film. Even if most of it today has just been of my children and their germs.

And don't you just hate having to listen to your own voice on things? I sound like a smurf. How do you y'all stand me?

Watch out! If I figure it out, this blog will have a lot more video clips!!!

1 comment:

Christy M. said...

Oh, my! They are sooo cute, even if they are soooo sick. I hope they feel better soon. For your sake and theirs!

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