Saturday, January 10, 2009

I am SOOOOO over Walmart

Due to a horrific experience we had this morning. All three of the boys were in the car with me this morning as I drove through the Walmart parking lot, looking for a free space. This is gripe number one: THERE IS NEVER AN OPEN SPOT CLOSE TO THE DOOR AT WALMART BECAUSE IT IS PACKED AT ALL HOURS. EVEN 2:00 IN THE MORNING. I unwittingly drove into the middle of an argument two cars were having over a parking spot. I didn't want their spot. I was just cruising by. But a woman in one of the cars thought she owned the pavement, gave me the finger, and shouted the F word at me. Did I mention my kids were in the car? A second car started honking at us as we passed this mess. I don't even know why, really. When we finally parked a couple of rows down from the crazy people, a car full of teenage boys stopped right behind our van and started honking and yelling obscenities at us. Did I mention that my kids were in the car? I really and truly don't even know why they were upset. I just drove up and down the aisles, and parked.

Which brings me to gripe number two: THE WALMART PARKING LOT IS FULL OF RUDE, SCARY, GRUMPY PEOPLE. By this time, I was getting nervous. I was alone with my kids, with a loaded car of angry men behind me. I wanted to cry, but I didn't want the boys to get scared, and I could tell Evan was already nervous. Luckily for us, God was keeping us safe, and the car of crazy teenagers went on their way shortly. I looked at my kids, smiled, and said, "I think this is a good day to go to Target!"

In the past, I was willing to put up with the parking lot being crowded, the store being crowded (gripe number three: WALMART IS ALWAYS WALL TO WALL PEOPLE, BUT NONE OF THESE PEOPLE ARE EMPLOYEES WHO CAN HELP YOU FIND THE ONE THING ON YOUR LIST YOU CAN'T LOCATE.) etc, for the lower prices. But now that I don't feel safe there? I am all about Target. Where, by the way, the parking lot had lots of open spaces, there was a friendly employee to help me find the lamp shades, and no one tried to scare the crap out of my kids and I. Totally worth the extra pennies.


Christi said...

I can't wait to see Adam's reply to this blog post! :)

jeff said...

we have a wal-mart next door to the condo complex. but ever since target opened up one exit down the interstate, we drive there instead. I have not shopped at walmart in almost 4 months and it feels so good....

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