Thursday, October 30, 2008


Evan woke up this morning with an ear ache. Poor guy has a lot of ear pain.

Daycare just came to tell me that Sammy is running a fever of 102 and is hacking, coughing, and snotting.

Charlie's ear pain kept him up a lot during the night.

We will be going back to the doctor tomorrow morning-for our THIRD doctor appointment of the week-so that ALL THREE of my children can see their pediatrician.

Come on!!! Universe, you are totally raining on my parade.

I say enough is enough. Is one normal day too much to ask for?

This morning Charlie told me, "Daddy is never getting on that airplane again." You are so right buddy. He is never going out of town again. Not without me, anyway.


Sharon - Mom Generations said...

I've been thinking of you and so hope that today brought better health... and a little bit of Halloween to sweeten things up!!??

Chris said...

Poor kids. I hope they get to feeling better soon.

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