Thursday, October 09, 2008

Sam I Am

Sam's latest favorite book is "Green Eggs and Ham" which of course features the famous character Sam I Am. It warms my heart that he loves this book, as it was the first book I learned to read, and as a 1st grade teacher I am required to love Dr. Suess. When I was pregnant with Sammy, I really wanted to do the nursery in a Green Eggs and Ham, Sam I Am theme, but since he shares a room with Charlie I resisted the urge.

I love reading it to him, because every time you turn the page he points to Sam and shouts "SAM!!! IT'S SAM!!" You can tell he just delights in hearing his name in the story. It is SO cute. Charlie has heard it so much this week, he is starting to recite it with us when we read. And how great is that? Dr. Suess was a genius.

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..::M::.. said...

Dr. Suess was an awesome man! I wish I was able to put words together like him. I still giggle when I read his books... hehe

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