Sunday, October 26, 2008

Birthday Party #2

Despite my best efforts not to be a baby, I am really quite a mess about Jeff taking to the friendly skies today, and having a week of fun in Las Vegas. One of the worst parts about teaching is that I can't take a few days off to join him. Grrrr.

So to take my mind off things, I thought I would focus on the fun we had last night. I was disappointed that a few of our favorite people couldn't come-Jeff's grandma and aunt made it down to Omaha, but then had to return to Harlan because Grandma Monica was just too tired, my Grandma Rose is recovering from a stomach bug, and Evan's idol Christi and kids were in Harlan for a family event. But, despite missing a few of our favorites, the night went really well.

It is a tradition in our family that the birthday boy gets to pick the meal, and Evan chose tacos. Which was a relief to me after his choice of fried chicken last year, which took me hours to prepare, and eventually required me to call in my mother to help when it was clear that the piles of chicken were winning. It was an easy meal to serve and to prepare, and it seemed to go over well. Evan's Grandma brought her authentic, homemade Thai egg rolls, sticky rice, and beef jerky, which as always was to die for. Her food is amazing. She has taught me several Thai recipes over the years, and in an effort to keep Evan closer to a culture I can never begin to impart, I have tried to serve him a Thai dish here and there. Sadly, he always tells me, "Thanks for trying Mom. It doesn't taste as good as Grandma's though!"

Having Thursday afternoon and Friday off from school really helped my stress level too. My laundry was done by Saturday morning, the house was cleaner than it had been in months, and all I had left to do was bake. I made a strawberry cake (Evan's choice) and an apple and cherry pie.

Evan seemed to have a great time, and raced from one thing to the next. He loved his gifts, the food, and the people, so what more could you ask for? I loved seeing my family, and the blending of everyone. It was so nice to see all of the people who are important to Evan-my family, Jeff's family, and Dan's family come together to love him. After Evan was born, I couldn't even imagine a night like last night was possible. I never thought I would find a man to love both of us, and I thought it would be way to much to ask to have that man include a family that would love both of us. And I have so much respect for Dan's parents and their willingness to still be a part of our lives. I am so glad that God has worked wonders for both Evan and I in the last 10 years, and has provided us with things I never dared to believe in.

And now, the morning after, my house is filled with the sounds of crashing light sabers. Evan's (and Charlie and Sam's) favorite gift of the evening was 2 Star Wars Light Sabers. All three of the boys have been fighting happily together since they got up.

Now that Evan's birthday has been officially celebrated and recelebrated, I guess he can get on with the important business of being 10, with all the fun that it entails.

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Chris said...

I remember when I used to celebrate and recelebrate my birthdays. Now I just ignore them. LOL!

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