Saturday, February 21, 2009

Who ordered the defective eyeballs?!

I took Charlie in on Thursday afternoon for his 3 year check up. The boys had a blast, as they all view our pediatrician as a good friend who loves to play with them and hear about their lives. Most of the news was good-he is growing tall and strong, and is in the 97% for height and weight. He broke 40 pounds, so if I want, I can move him into a booster car seat. He has hit all the other developmental milestones they look for to track their development.


Dr. B did recommend that he be evaluated by the public schools for speech articulation. I guess that's not a huge surprise to me. He was a late talker. Charlie talks a mile a minute now, but to people who aren't his mother he is often garbled sounding. So, next Friday we are off to have his hearing tested through Millard, and then they will come out to the house to take a history and do an evaluation.


When Dr. B turned off the lights to check his eyes, I noticed he was particularly careful. He took an extra long time. He told us he thinks Charlie may be developing some nearsightedness, but also that he may be seeing some atypical movements in his right eye (as in they are not tracking together). Just like Evan's eye problem. My stomach dropped to the floor. Even though the things Dr. B was seeing in his eye weren't nearly as pronounced as Evan's eye movement at it's worst, the thought of another one of my kids having to suffer through this makes me sick. I guess I shouldn't be surprised about this either, as Dr. Vicky (the eye doctor) had warned us it is highly genetic. And I am hopeful that if it does turn out to be the same thing, at least we are aware of it a lot sooner, and hopefully it can be treated sooner as well, preventing many of the reading and academic issues Evan has had to face. So on March 6th, Charlie will have the same 2 hour eye exam that Evan had in October. Yeah for doctor bills!!!

Now I am watching Sammy like a hawk. Wouldn't it be great to have at least one kid who was "normal" and just developed the way they should? For his sake?! As a mother it is torture to see your kids have to deal with things that make life harder.

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