Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Valentine

In the hallway at school leading up to the preschool/daycare area, each child has a label with their name on it, and the teachers hang art projects next to it. This morning when we walked down the hallway, we noticed that Valentines created by the kids had been hung up. Each child made their own heart, and then dictated to their teacher a sentence about who they love, which was recorded in the center. Many children had long lists to cover all the loves in their life, but Charlie's was short and sweet, and made my day:

Such a simple thing, but so wonderful to a mother's heart.

And this afternoon, after 7 weeks of eye therapy, a VERY momentous occasion occurred. On the way home from school Evan took out a book to read in the car. FOR PLEASURE. I was so surprised to see him reading without me having to poke and prod him with a fork first I asked him if it was for homework. He looked at me and said, "No it's just a good book. I want to see what happens next!" My jaw dropped open, and I wanted to cry. This was no small moment for us. What joy to see your child conquer something that has been a major battle for them all their life, to see them enjoy reading for the first time, using a skill they will use for the rest of their days. I have waited 10 1/2 years for this moment. And it was so worth it. So we took a picture to remember the joy we both felt.

And the truly amazing thing? He finished this short chapter book in only TWO DAYS! I am praying we have turned the corner.

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