Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Blah Blah Blah

I tried all day to think of something to write about on this here blog. And I couldn't come up with one single thing. Mostly because my brain is utterly fried. By 7:00 this morning I was already thinking about going to bed tonight. Which is in fact where I am right now. As soon as the boys were tucked into bed, I crawled under the covers too. I am making myself keep my eyes open until 9:00, because it seems slightly indecent to go to bed during the 8 o'clock hour.

I can't put into words how tired I have been the last several days. And you know what's dumb? Once I fall asleep, I keep waking back up. Even though I am totally tired, I just can't stay asleep. Probably stress I suppose. We have conference coming up next week, which means lots of extra work at school, Evan keeps getting assigned killer math homework which makes even my adult brain hurt and which I also have to do at the same time I am bathing children or cooking supper. Jeff is never home before 9:00. Sammy has been a bear because the antibiotic he is on is giving him major MAJOR diarrhea and his poor little bum has a huge case of diaper rash. Charlie is a crazy man. He has been having hair raising temper tantrums both at home and at school. My brother used to do the same thing when he was little and he turned out okay, but it still worries me. I think, "Is this kid unstable? Will he someday come after me while I am asleep with an ax?" And this weekend, a time when I normally try to rush around like a cray woman to catch up, is going to be killer. So many things going on. And not one of them will my hubby be home to help with, God bless him.

Anyway. Now that I have totally bored you with that stream of consciousness bout of complaining, I am off to bed.

So that I can wake up again in an hour.

Thanks for listening! I feel much better having let it all out!

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