Thursday, March 13, 2008

Update on Dad

My dad is doing better today-they zapped him with the paddles and his heart went back into rhythm and he is now home from the hospital, so that is a great thing. Probably the most positive thing to come out of the incident was that he was treated by a different doctor this time, and he was a lot more helpful (incidentally I had his son in my class last year!) He suggested a surgery involving using a laser they thread up through the thigh to the heart that then zaps the cells that are giving the incorrect electrical impulses. This should stop it from happening again, which was a relief to my dad, but also to his kids who are nervous wrecks every time this happens to him. It also makes me feel a lot better about their trip to Ireland this summer, knowing that this problem will *hopefully* be solved before he is in a foreign country.


Asten said...

That's good. I hope everything works out!

Adam said...

Does it hurt when you get zapped by the paddles?

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