Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Selfless Love

Evan proved his undying devotion to Sam tonight...I had the babies in the tub, and I was across the way throwing in a load of laundry. Evan happened to be coming out of his room at the exact moment that Charlie shoved Sam down, and Sam fell and slipped into the water. I heard and saw the commotion too, and was right behind him, but Evan went into crises autopilot and dove into the bathwater for Sam, giving no regard to the fact that he was holding on to his most treasured possession-his Nintendo DS. I watched in horror as it slipped into the water. Evan had pulled up a spluttering Sam, and I grabbed the electronics. We are letting it dry out to assess the damage. So far it will turn on, but the screen is blinking. I am hoping against hope things get better as they dry. After such a sweet act of love, how could I not get him a new one? The darn things are about $125 dollars though, and it was his major Christmas present this year. Argh. Although I am intensely proud of him, and feel like crying just thinking about it.


sectheatre said...

That is soooo sweet!!

Adam said...

I'll start a fund to buy Evan a new Nintendo DS if we need to because his actions were awesome.

I think I'm getting a little teary.

Anonymous said...

you have raised a GREAT son!!!

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