Thursday, March 27, 2008


Last night was the second swim lesson for Charlie, and luckily for his teacher, it went much better. I went in with him armed with a binky, some bath toys that are his favorites from home, and a toddler sized lecture in the car. All the way over to Swimtastic I repeated, "No slide! No screaming! Listen to your teacher!" Evan was plugging his ears by the time we got there, but I think it might have gotten through. I am discovering that Charlie is not a child that likes surprises. He wants to know WAAAAY ahead of time what is going to happen, and then he tends to react better. Anyway, he got into the water just fine, only went to the slide when his teacher told him too, and for the most part followed directions. She was able to just let him play with some toys and get used to floating in the water. She told me next week it will be on to blowing bubbles and putting his face in the water.

In other news, Evan's DS is fried. It will turn on, but the screen is shot, and as Evan tells me, the whole point of a DS is the touch screen feature. I am off to scout out the best deal. Thanks to everyone for all of your kind comments about him! It warmed my heart...I may be biased, but I do think he's pretty great!

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