Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Kitty Cat Hats

A couple of weeks ago, on cjane enjoy it, Courtney showed a picture of her adorable son The Chief wearing a handmade knitted kitty cat hat. Modeled by as cute a chubby cheeked youngster as The Chief, the hats were irresistible. I loved the cat ears on the top, and I knew Charlie and Sammy would too. Courtney mentioned the hats were made by a talented reader of her blog, Amy, who has a business called Something to Meow About.

I emailed Amy right away to ask if she would make a Kitty Cat Hat for Charlie and Sammy. Look what came in the mail today:

I love, love, LOVE these hats. They are gorgeous, and the attention to detail is amazing! The boys love them so much they spent the rest of the day wearing them and pretending they were kitties.

You too can have one of these scrumptious creations! Just email Amy at:

Thank you Amy!!

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stephanie91200 said...

i'm lucky enough to be a friend of amy and received a kitty hat for christmas this year - they are awesome!! comfortable and fun - soft but warm. my son and i tend to argue about who's going to wear it - he's 10 and i'm... well... older. kitty hats rock!!

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