Thursday, January 07, 2010

I have a job? Really? Because it feels like I haven't been there in WEEKS!

No school again today my friends! The road conditions were treacherous, but even worse than that the windchills were sustained at -20 to -35 all day long.

AND no school again tomorrow, as it is expected to be even colder, if you can imagine. Which I can't. When it's that cold, it's just cold. You can't really tell the difference between -20 and -35.

I wish I could come here and report that my house is now spotless. I did do the laundry, but mostly I took a nap with Sam, and I played Beatles rock band. Totally great game, but also totally addicting. Especially if you are a Beatles fan like me.

Tomorrow my goal is to get off my hiney and make SANCTUARY for my family. It's clean the house Friday for me!

I've loved the break, but is really turning me into a sloth. My kids have only been in school for one day this week. It's been like having three weeks off for Christmas vacation. We are so out of schedule and routine, and it is turning my brain to mush.

I actually had a dream while I was napping that I was playing outside with the boys and the grass was green, there was a warm wind blowing, and the sun was shining. HEAVEN! How many more weeks until spring?!

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