Friday, January 22, 2010

Company Girl Coffee: January 22

WOW am I late getting around to this post this week! It's so late that maybe I should offer you a glass of wine instead of coffee. How 'bout it? Maybe some appetizers too...boy that sounds yummy.

The Big News around The Sole Woman this week is that I am getting a visit from The Blog Fairy!!! I have really loved the look of my blog, but it has been almost two years since the last redo, and I felt like it was time for a change. So check back soon! I'm getting some new diggs around here, and I am in love with the work Emily at The Blog Fairy did. She is an excellent designer!

I am also really excited because we recently booked a vacation for our family this summer. It will be the first time in two years that we have taken a trip as a family. We've been working so hard to replenish our savings after the whole two babies-a new house-and a minivan-in one year debacle of 2006. Now that Mr. Sole Woman is feeling more confident of the finances, we are going to get to have some family relaxation time! It will also be a little celebration of our 5 year anniversary.

We will be visiting Pine Beach Resort in northern Minnesota. This will be our third trip to the resort. We stay in a cabin right on the beach at Lake Belle Taine. It is so amazing to wake up to the sound of water lapping at the shore, grab a cup of coffee, and drink it on the deck over looking the water while a magnificent sunrise dazzles the senses. Charlie was only 6 months old the last time we went, and Sam has never been, so I can't wait to see what the little boys think. Now, if only July were a little closer!!!

I hope all of you have had a great week, and have an even better weekend!


Frugal Friend said...

That vacation sounds grand! There's a place in Appalachicola that I would love to vacation. Not a resort, rather a state beach park. But you can go scalloping right there where the cabins are.

Anonymous said...

The vacation sounds awesome!

John and Teresa said...

i'm jealous! i need a vacation, just not quite sure where to go. i can't believe it will be your 5th anniversary! how time flies.

Heather said...

That sounds wonderful! The vacation ... not the wine, but thanks for the thought! I love to be by water too - I grew up living in between two big beautiful lakes in Canada, so my ideal vacation always involves the sound of water gently lapping on the beach! I just know having something to look forward to will help July come quickly! Enjoy your weekend!

Too funny ... the word verification is 'dullness'- something that could describe our weather for the 12 day in a row!

Dawn said...

Oh I am so jealous! It sounds like an amazing trip. Have a great weekend! Thanks for the wine. ;)

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