Saturday, September 06, 2008

We Climbed a Mountain

and it is called getting Charlie to cooperate long enough to get a family picture taken. It was not painless, and it involved much bribing and cajoling and crying, but we managed to get a few adorable shots. Just wait till you get your Christmas cards!

My favorite was a shot of just the boys, which features Evan and Sammy giving great smiles, and Charlie with a HUGE scowl on his face. Not the "perfect" family photo, but one I will cherish for many years. I know I will look back on it and remember exactly how Charlie was when he was 2.

I am so proud of Sammy. That kid will go anywhere, do anything you want him too, and do it with a smile. Please God, don't let him grow out of this good natured attitude.

I was completely impressed with The Picture People (which Christi recommended, and as always she was completely right). They were so good with the kids, totally patient. The prices were reasonable, and we got our pictures the same day. We will be coming back!

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