Monday, September 01, 2008


Okay. So I know I said I would take a break today, but forgive me if I don't. I got so much done this weekend, I have to tell. And then you'll be proud of me too, right?

I think if we had three days every weekend, I could be Super Woman. Here's what I did over the last three days:

1. Got a lot of the fall clothing shopping done for the toddlers.
2. Canned a lot of spaghetti sauce.
3. Completely cleaned out the toy room, threw away two full bags, cleaned and packed up the baby toys. Organized the toy room, complete with toy labels on every container that I made myself by taking pictures of each type of toy that went in a container. Clean up the last two days has gone SO much better!
4. Took all three boys to the park.
5. Went to the gym twice.
6. Did 13 loads of laundry, including folding and putting away.
7. Changed all the sheets in the house.
8. Got Charlie ready to be Star of the Month.
9. Did a lot of homework.

Do you think if I campaigned for a four day school week anyone would listen?

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