Sunday, September 21, 2008


As I mentioned yesterday, I was feeling disgusted with myself after trying on clothes. I was feeling fat, and disgusted that I have been dieting and working out steadily for almost 10 months now, but haven't lost nearly the weight I would like. The further along in the day I got, the more I obsessed I became, and the worse I felt.

On the way into the gym this morning, Evan turned to me and said, "You're so fit Mom!" Wow. What a great smack in the face. I may not be loosing weight right and left, but I am being a good example for my kids. Since we've joined the gym, they've witnessed me having a regular pattern of exercise.

Smack in the face number two came from Oprah as I was reading my O! magazine while on the eliptical machine. They had several stories on breast cancer this month, which reminded me several times that a great form of prevention (critical for me with my family history) is exercise and diet. So, despite not looking like a super model, my insides are healthier than when I started in January.

I am so thankful for my little Evan, for Oprah, and for God taking the time to hit me over the head this morning with an important message. I am going to keep it up, even when I feel like I'm getting nowhere. Sometimes, the results are on the inside, or even in your family.

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Christine said...

Found you via Ruby and Roja; love the new look, though I didn't see the old one...I'm sure it's nicer! They did my blog as well and I'm daydreaming about a new design in the next few weeks.

Re: this post. Oh, my, you are so right. Exercise gives us so many more benefits than just burning calories.

(Now, when am *I* going to believe it?!)

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