Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I love it!

Seriously. I could just sit here and look at my new blog for forever and ever. I love the job that Christy from Ruby & Roja did. (Go check them out!)

I am so excited, that I want everyone to see it! Tell me what you think!


Adam said...

Cute design!

I've also agonized about who can read what on my blog. I used to have different levels: public, registered, friends, close friends, wives (just one) and me. That was way too complicated. So, after my redesign I decided that there are either posts that the whole world can read or posts only I can read. So, if my family reads my blog, they're allowed to. I've told them once what the addy is, and I think I link to it from, so I'm not trying to hide it. But I try to make sure I'm not saying anything to hurt anyone. I have to censor myself, sometimes, which is hard.

This probably didn't help. Sorry!

Love the new design!

Stacie said...

love the design!
I think some family members have "found" me, but I just keep writing in hopes that they AREN'T reading and if they ARE...then..well, they aren't talkin about it so alls good. ;)

Lisa said...

I love your blog design! I am a friend of Christy's and of course, think sheis super-talented. She did my blog design also (in addition to party invitations and a soon-to-be birth announcement).

As for family members reading my blog, I have shared it with them but very few actually read it, that I know of. I know my mom read it, and maybe two cousins, my brother from time to time, and a few members of my husband's family. NOne of them ever comment but they have mentioned to me that they read it. The only person I have ever got "in trouble with" is my husband, ha ha.

sectheatre said...

I love the design too! That is great.

And no, my family does not get to read my blog.

Christy M. said...

So glad you love your design! I had so much fun working with you on it.

Not many of my family members read my blog. At least I don't think they do. If they do, they don't comment or mention it. Since starting r&r, my blog is listed on our site, so I'm sure they've seen. Anyway, I guess what I'm saying is if they read it, they don't seem to mind what I post about, but I guess I'm pretty tame most of the time!!

Enjoy your new look!!!

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