Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Why Teachers are Exhausted at the End of the Day

This happens all the time. The following example happened yesterday afternoon in my classroom.

(Teacher makes a statement to the class) Teacher: Tomorrow is field day. Please put on sunscreen before you come to school in the morning.

Immediately, at least 14 hands will shoot into the air.
Student 1: Should we wear sunscreen tomorrow?
Student 2: What kind of sunscreen? Cause we have purple and green bottles at home, and I really like the way the purple one smells.
Student 3: This one time? We went to Florida? And I put on sunscreen there too!
Student 4: I have a dog! He's brown!
Student 5: Mrs. Kleffman? I was thinking about wearing sunscreen tomorrow. Do you think I should?
Student 6: Sunscreen? What's sunscreen?
Student 7: My mom hates sunscreen. Do I still have to wear it?

Multiply this by 45 for additional statement made during the day like "Please get your coat on" and "Where is your homework?", and you will know what a 1st grade classroom sounds like during the day.

This is why I have no patience left when I get home.


Erin said...

In a lot of ways, it's not that different from an 8th grade classroom!

John & Teresa said...

Cracks me up! And by the way, if I remember correctly, I don't think I was one of those kids. I was the quiet reserved one wishing everyone else would just shut up! And I love how "This one time? We went to Florida?" is stated sounding like a question. Takes me right to that classroom :o)

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