Sunday, May 31, 2009

Grandpa Dave

I found out this morning that my Grandpa Dave passed away early this morning, around 1:00 AM. He has had advanced Alzheimers for the past six years, so while we knew it was coming, it was still a bit of a shock. Apparently he had developed bronchitis last Tuesday, and even though he appeared to be getting better on a round of antibiotics, last night his breathing just got farther and farther apart until he died. I am so glad that he wasn't in a lot of pain. It seems to be a peaceful way to go.

The Alzheimers disease was anything but peaceful. In the last 6 years we have watched him forget our names, his past, his wife, how to talk, and how to eat. It is no small blessing that he has been released from the prison of his body, and is in a better place.

My heart goes out to my Grandma Rose. I can't imagine loosing your spouse.

We are gearing up for a busy week of saying good-bye, and remembering him in happier days.

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John & Teresa said...

We're so sorry to hear about your dear Grandpa, Christy. My grandma suffered from the disease too and it does come as a shock yet a relief that they are free from it. You will all be in our prayers!

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