Friday, November 21, 2008

Starting to Panic

I am starting to get nervous.

On Sunday is Sammy's birthday party. He is turning 2! So, I am nervous because:
1) My house is a FREAKIN' DISASTER AREA. Due in part to the fact that I can't stop reading the Twilight series long enough to get anything done, and also to the fact I have a cold-I know you're shocked I'm sick again.
2) I have a lot to bake this weekend, Evan has a birthday party to attend, and I am scheduled to help at church Saturday night. Will it all get done? Probably not.
3) My BABY is turning 2. He will officially be a toddler, and not a baby. I AM NOT READY FOR THIS. Would it be too much to ask for Sammy to remain a one year old forever with his sweet kissable baby cheeks always at that perfect size for munching?

On Thursday is Thanksgiving. I am not hosting this year, but I will be making yet another pie to take with us, and as we will be in Harlan for the day, it will be one less day to get ready for...

the Baby Shower Sarah and I are hosting on Saturday. Which the only thing I have done to get ready for is send out the invites. It's cool-NOT!!!

Did I mention the mountains of laundry that are once again everywhere?

Where is your fairy godmother when you need her?!!! Or at least Merry Maids?!!!

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C said...

Sounds like me, only my dreaded birthday isn't until Dec 4th and she is turning 4 not 2. I want mine to stay little. I just figure the house work never goes anywhere and will eventually get done!! I enjoy my kids while I can.

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