Thursday, November 20, 2008

I admit it-I was wrong

That is not a statement that I choke out easily, but I am ready to insert my blog foot in my mouth.

I was wrong about Twilight.

Or, should I say, mostly wrong. The first 275 pages of Twilight are not fast moving or particularly interesting. The author does a lot of explaining about her characters and plot, and maybe that is necessary in a fantasy story like this one.

Once you hit the last third of the book though, look out. It is fantastic. I literally had my face stuck in the book while cooking dinner, giving baths, and helping with homework. Yes, I now know I can do all those things one handed!

The second book, New Moon, is good-GREAT-from the first page. I have about 100 pages left, and I am watching the clock crawl through the day so that I can zoom home and finish. And on the way there I am stopping to buy books 3 and 4 because I will go crazy if I can't start Eclipse as soon as I am done with New Moon.

I am hooked!!!


C said...

ooops, well I still wasn't a fan, but to each their own and I am glad you didn't waist your money ;)

Chris said...

I love the books. I am a true addict. I have read them all several times. I'm glad you are liking it.

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