Monday, November 03, 2008

Lovely Nuggets

I have been learning a little bit here and there lately about the Mormon faith. Three of my favorite bloggers are Mormons: Courtney at C jane enjoy it, Stephaine at the Nie Nie Dialogues, and Jessica at Balancing Everything. In the last few days, I have learned two things that warmed my heart. I "met" these women and began to read their blogs as mothers first, and as their faith is an important part of their lives, I have also learned some of their beliefs.

In Courtney's post today, which is an essay she wrote about her sister Stephanie who is recovering from serious burns to 80% of her body she says, "We also believe that women are divine. Where a righteous woman walks there is virtue. We want to be around the angelic presence of females. We are commanded to treat our mothers, wives and sisters as holy daughters of God. We worship a Savior who teaches the sacredness of women." It warmed my heart to read this. In a world where so many women are still treated as second class citizens, and where in some countries women are outrageously abused, it is wonderful to know that somewhere children are taught respect for women, especially in a religious context.

Mormons also believe in forever families. It is their belief that if a marriage is performed by a priest of God in a temple and is a "true" marriage, that marriage bond lasts beyond death. I love this. It has never made sense to me that God would create a soul mate for you, allow you to live your life together as one, bring children into this world as a part of that love, and then have it end at death. At my own wedding, that line of my vows truly bothered me. I want to always be connected to Jeff in a special way. Maybe it's not physical in heaven, but I really believe in my heart that our bond will last at least in a spiritual way beyond death.

I love learning about different faiths, how people worship, and what values and traditions they hold dear.

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