Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Big Scary Monsters

Welcome to my 400th post! I can't believe it. One of my goals this year was to add a lot more posts to my blog-so I am proud that I did it. But I am also pretty amazed that there was enough to write about that many times. I guess maybe I am just getting better at writing about mundane details. And maybe I am boring you all to death with them! Thanks for putting up with me!

Yesterday, throughout the day, Sammy was making growling noises, in a toddler's imitation of a big scary monster. Or so I thought. Charlie and Sammy are both into dinosaurs and monsters right now, so I played along with him, acting appropriately scared, and making him giggle.

Right after dinner he growled deep again, but this time he said, "Guess what Sammy is!! Guess Mommy!" I pretended to think hard, and guessed "Is Sammy a monster?"

He laughed like I had said something stupid, and said,"No silly! Sammy a SCARY OWL!!!"

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