Monday, May 22, 2006

The Cat's Out of the Bag

I let Evan spill the beans to everyone at school today. My tummy is just getting too noticeable, and I knew people were going to figure it out soon anywyay. Many people have been totally supportive...and some have said things like "Congratulations...I guess!" Now, of course, this is exactly how I truly do feel about the situation, a little duplicitous. However, I can't imagine saying that to someone else. Isn't a baby always a blessing? Yes, I am nervous about the work and time committment etcetera, but I still feel blessed to be having a child.

I went out for the afternoon with my Mom on Saturday. She took me out to lunch and then bought me some maternity clothes at Motherhood. Jeff watched the kiddos while I had a BLESSED afternoon to myself. I felt so much more myself after I had this time alone. It was great to just spend some one on one time with my mom, which we don't get as often anymore with all of these grandkids running around. I am so excited about my new clothes too...I got some fun summer stuff. Thank goodness for Moms!!! There's nobody else who can make you feel better like your Mom, especially when it's a problem that only a mother understands, like being so in need of time for yourself that you feel like you are going crazy sometimes. I love my kids, but sometimes, you just need a break!


Asten said...

I dunno - While I don't think it applies to you and your situation, I can think of a lot of scenarios where having a baby (not necessarily the baby itself - a fine distinction!) isn't a good thing. Especially when the parent or society cannot take care of it.

Christi said...

I'm glad for the most part everyone is being excited and supportive. Yay for your mom spoiling you (with clothes and "alone time") ~ that's why I left Alyssa at my parents today and came back from Harlan alone! :)

Jeff said...

I want to echo your thoughts on your mom. She does rock! your whole family rocks!!! I don't know if I could have survived my last year in Omaha without you and your parents!

amber said...

It sounds like a blessing to have things go in a nice order at least- i.e., get moved into a new house and *then* confirm #3. I would imagine it could be a heck of alot more stress to do it the other way 'round. =)

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