Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Las Vegas

On Friday, my brother Creighton unexpectedly met up with an old girlfriend that he hadn't seen in over a year. This girl was someone he had been very serious with at one point (okay several points) since they were engaged around three times to be married. My family and I all rejoiced when she finally left him for good, since she just seemed to keep hurting him deeply over and over again. She called him Friday morning and asked to see him in the afternoon. Sometime between that and Friday evening, they decided to fly to Las Vegas and get married. My parents got a call from one of his best friends alerting them to this huge mistake about to happen. So, of course, my parents and all of his siblings started barraging him with phone calls until he finally picked up, assumably to tell us to bug off. My dad and sister both talked to him and he seemed to listen. Luckily, because it was a holiday weekend, they couldn't get a flight out of Omaha at such late notice. Somehow between that moment and Sunday, the girl left him yet again. Poor Creighton is now hurting and depressed once again. Anyway, the point of this story is that it gave me a look into my life and what I put my family through with Dan. It is so hard to watch Creighton go through this over and over again and to be so hurt. He is an adult though, and needs to make his own decisions, so we just had to love him and stand by him, ready to support or clean up the pieces. This is the hardest thing ever. As I watched my parents suffer over his decision and knowing that one of their children was hurting, I saw what I must have done to them. Sometimes it is not fun to look into the mirror and see an unfavorable picture of yourself. I hope that Creighton can learn to leave this girl behind and love himself, like I did with Dan. Why is it that people can sometimes have such a maniacal hold over others?


S said...

What a mess!!! Poor Creighton

Asten said...

Women are evil. 'nuff said.

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