Friday, September 02, 2005

Sienna It Is!

Sorry about no entry for so computer has picked up the STRANGEST virus at home. It now has the power to turn itself on and off at will, which is does joyfully whenever it is connected to a powersource. Luckily, my brother Creighton, and my brother in law Luke are computer gurus, and are going to get me back in business this weekend. I don't know what I would do if I wasn't related to them.Well, Jeff and I have made our first major purchase together!!! On Tuesday night I wheeled and deeled with the car salesman (I didn't do to badly if I do say so myself, thanks to my father's upbrining. He is the eternal arguer). We talked them down on the price, and I am now the proud (or mostly proud I guess) driver of a Mommy Mobile. We went with the Toyota Sienna, and we are so far really pleased with it. I think the most excited is Evan, who now gets to sit up high in his "captain's chair" and can see everything out the window finally. His poor teacher on Wednesday-it was ALL he talked about at school.I also went to the doctor's office on Wednesday afternoon. Our Quad test came back negative (YEAH!!!), the heart rate was 150 (very girlish-everybody THINK PINK!), and we have our ultrasound scheduled for next Friday. Since I have NO patience, we are of course going to find out the sex. Any guesses? What kind of a Kleffman do you think is on the way?

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