Saturday, July 30, 2011

Back to School Crazies

We have been busy this week.  Busy as in the back to school crazies.  This week we got Charlie and Evan squared away on uniforms and school supplies.  Having two kids to get ready for school this year was a LOT more work that just one.  Charlie is super excited about Kindergarten though, so it was fun to see all of the preparations through his eyes.  He just shone with excitement when he saw himself in his uniform for the first time.  He had a blast picking out every green school supply he could find.  (Apparently green is his new favorite color).

It never fails that every summer around this time I start my back to school nightmares.  Dreams where I am trying to set up my classroom, and my class suddenly appears out of nowhere and the room is a disaster.  Or sometimes I dream I get lost on the way to school the first day.  Or that I make it to school but can't seem to find my classroom.  I think I have anxiety dreams about going back to school because I have such a hard time saying good bye to summer.  I absolutely love being home with my kids.  I love having the time I need to focus on our home and daily chores.  I love not having a frantic schedule.  Besides our financial need for me to work, teaching for me is more than a job.  I truly feel like it is a calling from God.  I know I wouldn't be fulfilling my mission here on earth if I wasn't teaching kids to read.

Monday and Tuesday I will be setting up my classroom, and I know I will feel better after that.  Having that monumental task under my belt always makes me feel better.  I wonder if the students and parents realize that most teachers are just as nervous as the kids on the first day of school ? :)

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