Wednesday, August 03, 2011

My Classroom

My awesome husband took Monday and Tuesday off from work so that I could go up to school for two days without the kids to put my classroom back together.  This task is the worst of the whole school year for many teachers.

At the end of every school year, you are required to take everything off the walls and pile the furniture into a ginormous pile at one end of the room.  Why?  Supposedly so that the custodial staff can clean carpets and do repairs.  All of this means that when I first enter my classroom at the beginning of the year, it looks like this:

Most people assume that teachers are given ample time to put their room together during the week teachers are back but students haven't yet returned to school.  WRONG WRONG WRONG!  That week is so packed full of meetings you can hardly remember your own name as you run around from one thing to another.  I always go up to school for two days the first week in August to get things started.

Lucky me...on Monday when I was there to move this furniture mess the outside temp was 105 degrees...AND THE AIR CONDITIONING WAS BROKEN AT SCHOOL.  Fun times!!  I knew since Jeff had taken the day off I couldn't give up and go home.  So, I shoved and pushed and hauled (and sweated my brains out) until the room looked like this:

Let me tell you...moving filing cabinets and a teachers desk are not easy.  I have no idea how I will do this job when I am 60.

I worked all day on Monday and Tuesday, and am so relieved that my classroom now looks like this:

The math calendar/class meeting area.

This is my desk area.  To the left is the desk my student teacher will use this semester

On the right (with the big table) is my small group area, where I will meet with reading and math groups.  On the left is our cozy book corner, where kids will spend time curled up with a good book.

This is a view of the front of the room.  The thing with the pink sheet over it is our computerized chalkboard called an ActivBoard.  I don't ever use chalk anymore!!

A view of the student desks.  I always have 30 kids in my room, so the desks take up a lot of space.  I am going to start the year with this horse shoe formation, but later I will group them into groups of 5 desks in a pod.

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John and Teresa said...

you are amazing! i know you dread it and i probably would too but since i'm not a teacher, i love back to school time! it makes me wish i was one. i'm sure you are the best teacher in the world.

and i just love reading your blog. keep the posts coming!

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