Thursday, June 04, 2009

So Annoyed

I am a HUGE fan of Mabel's Labels. I use them in all of my kids clothing that will be coming and going from daycare, on school supplies, and in all of their shoes.

When we set off for Lifetime Fitness this morning, Sammy's tennis shoes, which he has owned for a total of maybe a month, were labeled with large yellow stickers inside the soles that said his name in big letters.

When we arrived in the play area, I helped him to take off his shoes and stow them in the shoe cubbies. But when I returned to pick him up? No shoes. They were AWOL.

Several teachers and I scoured the center, but we couldn't find them anywhere. We did find a pair of shoes that looked remarkably similar to his. Our only thought was that someone grabbed Sammy's instead and put them on their kid without looking very closely. Which totally annoys me. Can't you see the huge yellow sticker inside with someone else's name?

I guess it really just annoys me because I don't want to have to buy him new shoes-AGAIN-when I just forked out money to do so a little over a month ago.

My only hope is that the labels make it apparent to whoever has them that they HAVE THE WRONG SHOES! And that they are nice enough to bring them back to the gym.


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