Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Proud Momma

For many years, when we didn't know that Evan was seeing double all the time, he struggled with sports. He badly wanted to be able to participate, and we kept thinking sports would be good for him, so we signed him up for various sessions of soccer. Each time was a disaster, but it got worse when the other kids started getting better, and Evan could still hardly run. Looking back, it all makes sense now, knowing what we know about his vision. At the time, it was really hard for Evan and his self esteem.

About 2 years ago we signed him up for swimming lessons. He has always loved the water, and I thought it was a good survival skill to have, plus it was a sport activity where no team was involved. He really progressed quickly, which is how we ended up on the swim team this summer. I also believe it is due in no small part to the eye therapy he has been receiving since January. Suddenly he has balance and coordination!

Yesterday was the first swim meet of the season, and let me tell you, Evan and I were both nervous wrecks. He because he didn't know what to expect and because of his previous negative sports experiences, and me because I was so nervous that I had put him into this too early and set him up for more failure.

His first event was the 25 meter backstroke, one of Evan's favorite swimming events. As they lined up at the wall, ready to spring into motion with the blow of the whistle, I was praying like a madwoman. "Please God," I thought, "Just don't let him be last. Fill him arms with speed!" As the whistle sounded, my heart was beating like a steam engine, first with nerves, and then with amazement. Evan flew away from the wall of the pool and started pulling back with long, strong strokes. I looked into my baby's face as he grunted with effort-I could tell he was giving it his all. And I screamed his name as he made it to the end WAY before any of the other kids in his heat. The look of surprise on his face as the judge told him he had won was priceless. From across the pool I saw him point to himself and his lips formed the word "ME?!"

And then I cried. I was proud of him for just trying his best, and getting in that pool when he was scared. I would have been extremely proud of him for just finishing the race. But to win? Awesomeness. His self confidence this morning at swim practice was beautiful to see. It meant so much to him to know it is possible. And I can do this-my hard work WILL pay off. And I am just so thankful. Thankful for this chance for my kiddo to bask in the limelight, if only for a brief moment, for the first time.

He also swam the 25 meter freestyle, where he came in third (we need to work on diving into the water from the starting blocks) and he swam a relay where his team came in second.

My kid can SWIM!!!

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