Friday, April 18, 2008

Charlie is a Swim Lesson Flunkie

Last Wednesday marked the last swim lesson for Charlie for awhile. I even suited up and got in the pool with him-which let me tell you was a barrel of monkeys because the time slot prior to my boys' has about 20 of my school families in it. It is so lovely to appear in your swimsuit in front of the students in your class and their parents. But-all in the name of motherhood! Just add it to my time off of purgatory list.

He was happy to get in the water, happy to play with toys, but only with me. The co-owner of Swimtastic, Megan (who incidentally is a totally awesome SVdP parent) even got in the pool to evaluate Charlie herself (cementing for me that I will never leave Swimtastic for lessons. The individualized attention and caring of staff at all levels is fantastic!). She came to the conclusion that it is more an issue of Charlie being very shy, and just not ready to combine the scariness of getting in the water, and having to do that with a relative stranger. So our strategy is to get him in the pool as much as possible over the summer and try again in the fall. There is a public pool nearby in Elkhorn that also has a baby pool, so I think we are going to try that. I am disappointed that the lessons didn't work out-just because I saw other two year olds in the pool having the best time, listening well, and having no troubles at all! I am hoping that someday I get to be the mom who takes their kids to activities and the children are star performers, or at the very least participate without wailing, screaming, and kicking their teachers.

In other news, the new May Edition of Sekund Mag came out today and MY ARTICLE HAS BEEN PUBLISHED! I am pretty excited. Here is the link:
Click on the articles section. Mine is the one about vasectomies! Bet that got your attention!

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Heather said...

What a great article! Oh my word, what a baby story. I just wanted to hug you after reading how you found out you were pregnant again. But I'm so glad things are doing so much better for you all.

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