Wednesday, July 01, 2009

4 Swim Meets Down, 1 to Go

Evan had another meet tonight, and he won another 2nd place finish (in the 25m freestyle). It was at our home club too, which meant that the toddlers could go to the daycare center, and I could watch/cheer in peace from my chair poolside. It really was a nice night. Not too hot, and 2 hours to myself in a beach chair. The whole thing is soooooo much less stressful when I don't have to entertain the little guys for three hours.

The best part? (Besides my kid being a rockin' good swimmer of course!) was that it was the fastest meet in our short swim team history. Even though it started about 8 minutes late due to technical problems with the sound system, we were done at 7:20. AWESOME.

I do like that the little ones are getting to experience watching Evan practice and compete. They are already getting excited for their turn and asking when they can take lessons and swim in a race. Who knows? Maybe we'll become a swim team family!

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