Sunday, January 20, 2008

Party for Charlie

We celebrated Charlie's 2nd birthday yesterday with a family trip to the Children's Museum. Jeff had no idea what to expect beforhand, and was nervous to take the kids to a "museum". I think he (and the toddlers) were impressed. It was the first time Charlie and Sam had ever been, and they had a blast. Charlie, as expected, loved the life size fire engine. Sam was a HUGE fan of the water table. No matter where I tried to redirect him, he kept making a bee line right back toward it. He tried many time to heave his whole self in. Next time I will bring an extra shirt so I don't have to bring him out to the car dripping, especially on one of the coldest days of the year. Evan and Jeff went downstairs to their new Putt Putt exhibit, where they also saw Julie Cornell golfing with her kids. It was unbelievably busy, so I am looking forward to going back in the summer when it is *hopefully* not too crowded.

We also had Charlie's birthday party. He wasn't too impressed, probably because I woke him up from his nap to join the festivities, and he spent most of the party attached to my leg whining and crying. So, I suppose that was one indication we have officially started the Terrible Twos. Yuck. He really enjoyed seeing his friends Alyssa and Joel, and cousins Brooke and Colin. He loved the new book from the Koch family, and also his Thomas the Train Engines, who he calls just "Tom."

To top of the day's festivities, we had dinner at my favorite place-VALENTINO'S!!-with our favorite dinner companions the Kochs. (Thanks for suggesting it Christi! It was just what I needed!) I was pooped when I got home and Charlie was still cranky spanky kiddo, so he and I crawled into bed and watched two episodes of Dynasty. All in all it was a pretty super day.

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