Monday, January 28, 2008

Charlie is Allergic to Everything

I took Charlie in for allergy testing on Saturday morning. They pricked his poor little back and arms with over 50 needles, and then rubbed different substances over them that he might be allergic to. Out of all of those, he wasn't allergic to any of the foods (God Bless America!) cats, or interestingly-ragweed. EVERYTHING ELSE WAS POSITIVE! Afterwards, we talked to the doctor who recommended Charlie begin a regular regimen of weekly allergy shots when he is four to desensitize him. In the meantime, they went over various strategies to get rid of things in the house that bother him, like replacing his pillow every six months since he is horribly allergic to dust mites. One of the things they suggested was getting rid of things in the house that collect dust. Okay-seriously-what DOESN'T collect dust in the house? Should we remove all the furniture? I think even Jeff collects dust on the weekends when he watches football. We probably have to get rid of him too!

During the test, I was in tears watching my poor baby go through this, but Charlie didn't flinch, make a peep, or complain at all. In fact, he watched with interest the whole time they were pricking him. My mom predicts something in the medical field for him. The nurse was bragging about him to people in the waiting room she was so impressed. She said she has never had a kid sit that still. At least my kids are stars at something-even if it is allergy testing.


Adam said...

I had a boss that bought a house and tore out ALL OF THE CARPET because her son was allergic to dust mites. I'm surprised the doctor didn't recommend this!

sectheatre said...

Yep... when I bought my house I got rid of all the carpet to avoid a build up allergens.. but in my case it was animal dander. IT was a requirement in looking for houses.. had to have hardwood floors.

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