Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bible in 90 Days: Check in 4

I am still on track in my Bible reading! I still haven't missed a day, and I am happy that I will pass the half way point before returning to work. I am saving my two grace days for when I am back to teaching, as I am nervous how my work schedule will affect my reading. So far, so good though.

Today I will be completing Day 38. I am in the middle of the Book of Job. Job has been an interesting read. It's a bit depressing, and this may not be politically correct to say, but I see poor Job as a bit of a whiner. I know he was in a terrible situation, and a lot of pain, and maybe that made it hard for him to see what God had in mind for him. It is reminding me of a friend I know, who recently gave birth to a stillborn baby. Though she is enduring great emotional pain, and is probably every bit as miserable as Job was, she is holding tight to her faith. She sees God in so many moments throughout her day. Instead of moaning and groaning about what has happened to her, she is praising God. I can't stop thinking about her and her faith as I read one of Job's speeches. I am hoping at the end, Job will find the same grace and clarity my friend has.

I am loving Amy's reflections on our daily readings. She is so good at getting meaning out of the verses, and relating it to her own daily life. I am not doing very well at this. Because it is all new to me in many sections, I am only able to read for the overall story. I am hoping to do a second read of the entire Bible when I am done. Hopefully the second time around I will be able to dig a little deeper.

You can read more about the Bible in 90 Days program here!


Kara said...

This challenge is really a blessing! The story of Job is a tough one, but I love your thoughts on it. I'll be praying for your friend...unfortunately, I've been in her shoes. I will say that I've never felt God's presence more acutely than during that awful time, though.

~Amy~ said...

I LOVE this challenge!
I agree, that Amy's understanding of the particular verses are wonderful. I tried to do the S.O.A.P. method when I started B90Days, but quickly failed. I am also just reading it to get the "whole" picture!
I plan on reading it again...if Amy hosts another read through! :)
If not, will definately do it by myself!
Will be praying for ya!
God Bless!

the higgins' said...

I'm nervous about being able to keep up the pace when school starts too...I'll be teaching a new novel this fall, and that will put a big wrench in that plan!

Day 38...whoa! I'm only on Day 21!

Amy@ MomsToolbox said...

I am so excited for you that you are keeping to and checking in. And I really appreciate your compliment on my SOAP. Thank you. I've read through in 90 days several times, so it's a different experience than the first time when so much overwhelmed me and I was trying to get the 'big picture.'

Keep it up!

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