Friday, October 16, 2009

Update on GG

My Grandma is still in the hospital today. They have been working hard to get her lungs free of fluid, but it has been difficult because she is still in atrial fibrillation . They even used the paddles to try and "zap" her back into rhythm on Tuesday, and it only worked for about 5 minutes. The doctors have done many tests, and have discovered that she has calcification in her aorta and an enlarged right side of her heart (probably the cause for the irregular heart beat). They are beginning to think that she may have to remain in the atrial fib, and take blood thinners to reduce the chance of blood clots. One doctor even recommended open heart surgery for her in the future. While I want for her to be with us forever, and comfortable and healthy while she is, how much is too much intervention for an 88 year old woman?

It's so hard to watch loved ones be in pain. It is certainly taking a toll on my Mom and her sisters to watch their Mom go through this. I wish that growing older didn't have to be so messy.

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