Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Monday was not a fun day around these parts.

At about 10:00 that morning, while I was teaching Reading, Charlie's preschool teacher walked into my room with my little guy. Charlie had a big gash on his forehead, which was bleeding profusely. His class had been playing on the playground, where Charlie somehow either walked into or fell into the bottom side of a metal stair tread. (No one actually saw it happen, and all Charlie will say is that he hit his head on the stairs).

I could tell right away he needed stitches (round 2 of stitches for Charlie-he is SUCH a boy!) so we zipped off to the pediatrician's office. While we were sitting in the waiting room, Charlie started to get very drowsy, and his pupils became dilated. As we were walking into the exam room, the nurse noticed that he was very wobbly, and walking like a drunk man. Dr. B looked him over, declared he needed three stitches, and that Charlie also had a mild concussion.

It was a tough session in the pediatrician's office for both Charlie and I, which included more than a few tears from both of us.

By dinner time that night, he was feeling a little more himself, and was loving showing off his cool flag band aid to Daddy.

Not to be outdone by his big brother, Sammy decided to get his own head injury tonight while we were playing outside. He had climbed up onto a lawn chair we had sitting on our front porch, and somehow made the chair tip backwards. It was one of those awful moments that move in slow motion. I saw it happen from across the lawn, but as fast as I ran, it happened before I got to him. Sam fell backwards from the front porch all the way onto the driveway, hitting the back of his head on the concrete. He has a huge purple goose egg on the back of his poor little noggin. After our brush with concussions on Monday, he is now under a lot of Mommy surveillance. I am now wanting to add a railing to the porch, and am ready to require my children to wear bubble wrap, safety goggles, and helmets at all times.

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Christy M. said...

Your poor boys!!! BJ's only had to have the dermabond stitches so far, but he's so prone to hitting his forehead. I'm already considering plastic surgery for him, and also a new front tooth since he hit it and it's now gray! Boy are boys, and there's just no getting around it! Unfortunately, Mia's learning all the tricks from her brother, so I'm sure we'll end up in the ER soon. Sheesh!

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