Thursday, September 24, 2009

Harry Connick Jr...Cutie Patutie And Singer Extraodinaire

Thanks to the wonderful ladies at the One2One Network I had the opportunity to listen to Harry Connick Jr.'s new CD, Your Songs. I will admit to you, because I know you won't laugh at me, that when the CD came in the mail, I had to look at the cover photos for a good 5 minutes before I could even put it in the CD player. Isn't Harry the most adorable? That face combined with that voice is just awesome.

We played Your Songs for the first time during dinner on Wednesday. I've been inspired by NieNie lately, and the way she exposes her children to so many wonderful types of music, so I have been making an effort to do the same. It's perfect music for dinner and relaxing. Evan remarked that he felt like we were at a fancy restaurant with Harry's lovely melodies playing in the background, and I had to admit, so did I. Remember my obsession with the TV show Dallas? I love how the family always had to dress for dinner, and how they always had cocktails first. I like to imagine my family doing the same, someday when the children are not inclined to come to the table with bugs clutched in their muddy fingers, or with kool-aid stains plastered around their mouths. I am going to add this CD as a soundtrack to my imaginings. Perfect cocktail before dinner music!

The songs on the CD are covers of several artist's hits. Harry includes everything from the Beatles "And I Love Her", The Carpenters "They Long to Be Close to You", Elvis' "Can't Help Falling in Love With You", and Frank Sinatra's "All the Way". This is my kind of music. The Carpenters and the Beatles are on my top 5 list for my favorite artists. I love Big Band, so the Sinatra and Nat King Cole selections had me swooning. I will admit though that these same songs also had my husband puking. He is a classic rock man at heart, and I could tell he was suffering through to make me happy. He is also a purist, and as a man who loves the Beatles and Elton John as themselves, I could tell it made him want to crawl under the carpet to hear someone else doing their songs.

The boys and I loved it though, and it made for some great dancing music, as I took my three most handsome boys for spins around the living room. Your Songs has already taken up residence in my iPod, and we have been listening to it daily ever since.

I love you Harry (just don't tell my husband)!!! Thanks for the great music.

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