Sunday, December 28, 2008

Vacation from Celebration

I love the holidays. I really and truly do. It is my favorite time of the year, but today I am feeling like I need a vacation from celebration.

We attended our fourth Christmas party this morning. Don't get me wrong; it is SOO nice to visit with family and friends. But when you shove that many parties into so short a time span, it gets to be exhausting. Also, even the thought of any more rich food is starting to make me nauseous. I am scared to step on the scale after all the unusual eating I have done in the past few days.

We saw my Grandpa Dave at today's party, and it was a real wake up call. Just since the last time I have seen him, he has become incredibly frail. He slept most of the time in his wheel chair, and seemed completely oblivious to the fact that there were people around him. I think it was pretty hard for my Grandma. I know it was very hard for some of my relatives to see him like that.

So, maybe a little from the emotion of that, and probably a lot from the too rich food I've eaten as of late, I am feeling tired, headachy, and a bit overwhelmed. Despite my desperate hope that it would happen, my laundry did not do itself while we have been out partying, and now it is overflowing from every hamper. I haven't seen my living room floor in days due to the influx in toys. It is time for some serious organization, cleaning, and laundry around here tomorrow.

But first, I am off tonight to have coffee with some old friends. I can't wait to relax and catch up!

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