Thursday, December 11, 2008

Get With it Little Tikes

There were three different Little Tikes toys that I wanted to buy Charlie and Sammy for Christmas that I just couldn't find in stores so I ordered them online. Normally I love doing online holiday shopping. It's so nice when you can shop without having to leave the house, and everything arrives on your doorstep in a NICE PLAIN BROWN BOX. Ahem.

As we approached our house today after school, I saw that Santa's elves (aka the UPS man) had made a delivery to our front porch. Three boxes sat, BUT they were not plain brown shipping boxes. No, they were the original toy boxes, huge full length pictures on the outside, all facing towards the street and the eyes of my toddlers.

Luckily, Evan and I both spotted this Christmas catastrophe at the same time, and we both turned to the kids in the back with funny faces, jokes, and songs to distract them from the spectacle of new toys sitting in front of the house. I am pretty sure it worked.

What the heck? Surely this company has tons of people ordering children's Christmas presents. You would assume they would know this is a bad idea. Every other toy company I have ordered from this season, and in seasons past has delivered in discreet boxes.


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